Flat Roof Repairs in Ewell Village

Here’s one of our latest projects carried out in Ewell Village, Surrey by us at Refine Property Maintenance. We received a call from a new customer enquiring about a few roof repairs around her property. Once we had carried out a site visit, a full detailed estimate was given.

The flat roof was found to be in very poor condition with different spots of water staining appearing on the ceiling below. We estimated the flat roof to be between 17/20years old with stones spread across the roof, with various repairs carried out throughout its life span.

Once a date was set we arrived on site and swept and bagged all the loose laid stones. The felt was found to be in a very poor condition.

Leaving the primer to dry for around 45mins, then a loose laid 3H perforated underlay was applied forming part of our new built up roofing system. Via the use of a gas torch flame, an Sbs premium underlay was applied. Finishing off with a high performance torch on Sbs charcoal cap sheet. Completing the new three-layer built up roofing system.

Flat roofs are something we are often called to here at Refine Property Maintenance. We always advise on a full removal and replacement as opposed to a single overlay as this just masks the problems for years to come. We don’t just offer Built-up felt roof systems as a solution for your flat roofs, we also carry out Grp and Liquid rubber.

Here are some pictures giving you a better understanding of the work involved.